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OUT in Ethiopia

Sexual and gender minorities in Ethiopia face legal, cultural and social challenges not experienced by other groups within Ethiopia.


Our ‘OUT in Ethiopia’ research is currently examining the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities and is working in partnership with the House of Guramayle to do this. You can read about the development of this research here.

ReportOUT and House of Guramayle have signed a partnership agreement to work together to conduct research into sexual and gender minority Ethiopians and people who identify as Ethiopian who live elsewhere, to document their lived experiences and any human rights abuses that they may face.

Read about our partnership here!

This research is still ongoing, however more details will appear on this page soon. If you would like to hear about this research first,

please sign up to our newsletter here to receive it when it is ready.

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Would you like to develop a partnership with us to research the human rights abuses and development needs of sexual and gender minorities in YOUR nation state or region?

ReportOUT warmly welcome partnerships with activists, campaigners and organisations in different nations states to work with us to research, document and inform the human rights abuses and development needs of gender and sexual minorities. This may be a country report about a nation state, or a more thematic research project examining a particular issue within a country. If you are interested in partnering with us, please click below to find out more.

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