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OUT in Mongolia

Whilst there have been improvements in recent years legally, sexual and gender minorities do not fully experience the same human rights as others in Mongolia.


Our ‘OUT in Mongolia’ research project is now working in partnership with the LGBT Centre Mongolia to document the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in Mongolia. You can read about the development of this research here.


Set up in 2007, the LGBT Centre Mongolia aims for human rights, justice and dignity for all in Mongolia.


Our OUT in Mongolia research project aims to examine the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in the nation state, working closely with our partner organisation. Whilst legal rights have been won in Mongolia in recent years, social attitudes have not always kept up with legal progress, and so there is still much to be done.


ReportOUT held a panel event with two Mongolian activists in 2021, discussing the barriers faced by sexual and gender minorities in Mongolia, and the resistance to them. Please check it out here >>

This research is still ongoing, however more details will appear on this page soon. If you would like to hear about this research first,

please sign up to our newsletter here to receive it when it is ready.

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Would you like to develop a partnership with us to research the human rights abuses and development needs of sexual and gender minorities in YOUR nation state or region?

ReportOUT warmly welcome partnerships with activists, campaigners and organisations in different nations states to work with us to research, document and inform the human rights abuses and development needs of gender and sexual minorities. This may be a country report about a nation state, or a more thematic research project examining a particular issue within a country. If you are interested in partnering with us, please click below to find out more.

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